Our Vision and Our Commitment

Anchored in the heart of the metropolis, ASC Avocat Flex has been established with a clear vision: to provide top-quality legal services, combining expertise and personalized attention. This vision is embodied by our founder and leader, Mr. Aboubacar Sidiki Coulibaly. Not only educated in law at the University of Montreal, the University of Charlotte in North Carolina, USA, and the Bar School of Quebec, Mr. Coulibaly also enriches our firm with expertise in technology through his computer science education at Harvard University. This unique combination of legal and technological knowledge positions Mr. Coulibaly as an innovative attorney at the forefront of modern practice, reinforcing our firm as a solid foundation of justice and innovation.

Our Commitment to Our Clients:

  • Legal Excellence - Innovative Solutions Rooted in Deep Expertise
  • Personalization - Strategies Tailored to Each Client's Needs.
  • Service of Excellence - Unwavering Commitment to Excellence and Ethics.
Law Firm - ASC Avocat Flex

Why Choose ASC Avocat Flex for Your Legal Needs?

In the complex and ever-changing world of business and personal life, dealing with legal challenges can be as crucial as it is challenging. At ASC Avocat Flex, we understand that every situation, whether professional or personal, carries significant legal implications. As legal experts, we act not only as advisors but also as dedicated strategic partners committed to your success.

ASC Avocat Flex for Your Legal Solutions

Three Reasons to Choose ASC Avocat Flex for Your Legal Solutions

ASC Avocat Flex is your preferred legal partner, guiding you towards success, whether in your business or personal life.

  • Comprehensive Expertise - Holistic legal solutions for business and personal needs.
  • Personalized Solutions - Tailored approaches aligned with your unique goals.
  • Cutting-Edge and Superior Quality - Our firm stands out with its commitment to legal innovation and superior quality, using innovative approaches to provide strategic and effective counsel.

With ASC Avocat Flex, aim for prosperity and security in all aspects of your business or personal life.

Legal Excellence at Your Service

Dive into the ASC Avocat Flex experience, where legal excellence intertwines with strategic ingenuity. We build our expertise on four crucial pillars, determining not only our success but, above all, propelling yours.

ASC Avocat Flex - Legal Excellence at Your Service

Explore the Pillars of Our Legal Excellence

ASC Avocat Flex: Your Strategic Ally for Legal Solutions.

Technical Expertise 98%
Representation and Conflict Resolution Abilities 95%
Strategic Counsel and Comprehensive Vision92%
Adaptability and Innovation90%

ASC Avocat Flex combines these expertise areas with a tailored strategy, ensuring top-notch legal advice and a lasting partnership for continuous success.

Learn More About Our Services

At ASC Avocat Flex, we offer comprehensive legal solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. Our dedicated team provides expert guidance and personalized support to navigate the complex legal landscape.

Services for Business

In the dynamic and demanding business world, reliable legal expertise is essential. ASC Avocat Flex positions itself as your preferred strategic partner, offering a complete range of legal services to protect your business interests and promote success and growth

Services for Individuals

We understand that personal legal matters require special attention and sensitivity. At ASC Avocat Flex, we provide empathetic legal support tailored to each individual. Our commitment is to protect your rights and preserve your future with a personalized and caring approach.


We are honored to be members of the organizations listed below, and we take pride in serving you with exceptional legal expertise and unwavering dedication. As dedicated members of these prestigious associations, our commitment to protecting your rights and providing the highest quality legal services remains steadfast.

Canadian Bar Association
Quebec Bar
Laval Bar