Family Law

ASC Avocat Flex provides attentive listening and tailored legal solutions to guide you through key moments in family life, from divorces to successions.

Real Estate & Construction Law

Our expertise in real estate and construction law ensures the protection of your investments and the realization of your projects, with a rigorous and proactive approach.

Insurance Law

Faced with the complexity of insurance disputes, ASC Avocat Flex offers strategic legal representation to defend your rights and obtain adequate coverage.

Civil Law

At ASC Avocat Flex, we handle your civil matters with the utmost care, ensuring personalized legal solutions for your disputes and transactions.

Consumer Law

Protect your consumer rights with ASC Avocat Flex, where our expertise ensures effective defense against unfair business practices.

Housing Lease

Protect your rights as a tenant or landlord with ASC Avocat Flex. We offer comprehensive expertise in residential leases, ensuring fair rental conditions that respect your rights.

Small Claims

ASC Avocat Flex simplifies the small claims process for you, providing clear legal advice and strategic preparation sessions to efficiently resolve your disputes at reasonable costs.

Why Choose ASC Avocat Flex?

Choose ASC Avocat Flex and benefit from unparalleled legal expertise tailored to your needs. Our firm stands out for its personalized approach, combining sharp analysis, innovative legal strategy, and a deep commitment to each client. Whether it's dealing with complex family law issues, disputes in real estate law, challenges in insurance law, or navigating the intricacies of civil and consumer law, we are dedicated to providing you with effective and pragmatic legal solutions. Specializing in small claims as well, we aim to simplify your legal proceedings, ensuring a quick and cost-effective resolution of your disputes. At ASC Avocat Flex, your legal success and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Three Reasons to Choose ASC Avocat Flex to defend and protect your rights:

ASC Avocat Flex is your ideal legal ally to protect your rights and support your personal needs with expertise and dedication.

  • In-Depth Expertise - Our mastery of the law ensures high-level legal defense and representation.
  • Personalized Approach - We tailor our strategies to precisely meet your needs, ensuring effective protection of your rights.
  • Results Orientation - Our focus is on achieving concrete results, providing you with pragmatic and effective solutions.

With ASC Avocat Flex, you can trust that your legal matters will be handled with the highest level of professionalism and commitment to securing your rights and achieving your goals.


We are honored to be members of the organizations listed below, and we take pride in serving you with exceptional legal expertise and unwavering dedication. As dedicated members of these prestigious associations, our commitment to protecting your rights and providing the highest quality legal services remains steadfast.

Canadian Bar Association
Quebec Bar
Laval Bar